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Frequently Asked Questions

As a member, you will receive 4 hand picked sports picks sent directly to you each day. That’s 4 tips chosen by our team for you each and every day (28 tips a week) from sports and competitions from all around the globe, 365 days a year.

Members will also have access to their own back end portal, giving you updated statistics and past months charts so you are able to track your ROI.

Like most investments, it takes time, knowledge and a lot of research to be sure you are making the right choice and decisions. At we spend the time analysing the markets for our members, through trends, backgrounds and probability, providing our members with 4 daily picks for them to invest in, and in doing so, giving you more time to enjoy winning.

Members of will receive their tips daily via email. When becoming a member, your nominated email account will be added to our mail out list and each day you will be sent our 4 picks as well as the previous days results, helping you keep up to date with our performance.

Members are free to place their bets using our tips as they please.

We encourage our members place equal amounts on each of the picks we send. Our strategy is based on steady increases and has worked for thousands of members. Divide your bankroll into 28 ( 4 daily picks x 7days a week ) and that will be the amount you place on each pick. As that amount increases, we then encourage members to revalue the bankroll and repeat the process each week.

*Do you have any questions for us? Feel free to get in touch on our “contact us” page or through our social media.