About Us

HouseofTips is a site dedicated to helping Punters win more on their daily sporting picks and investments. We simply love competitive sports and understand you do too. Like most people we also enjoy the thrill of cheering home our favourite team or player and know the winning feeling very well. Our site helps create more winners by offering our best 4 sporting picks daily and help you, the Punter, steadily increase your profits and enjoy winning more often. No hidden fees or products. Simple, easy to access tips provided daily.


We see sports betting as an Investment, one that can be used sensibly and wisely to increase returns. With a low monthly subscription rate we also understand that investing in us should not cost you an arm and a leg. Our model is uncomplicated, easy to access and affordable, which is how we believe it should be.


As a member of houseoftips.com you will have access to 4 daily tips across a wide range of sports. That is 28 units per week for you to cheer home and invest in, knowing the work of finding a winner has been done for you.

Why Choose HouseofTips

We pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our members and offer back end access to graphs which show how ‘the House’ is performing, With YTD graphs, monthly breakdowns and sports percentage win rate available, you can feel confident in knowing that keeping track is as clear as day.


Our site also offers content from around the globe, briefs from the previous days results and offers from major book makers. So why wait? Join ‘the House’ today for a free 10-day free trial and let us help you enjoy winning.